Album of the Week – 8

Artist: Incubus

Released: 2017

The rock band, Incubus, kicks some serious beats in this fresh album, which happens to be their eighth studio album. All of the tracks are enjoyable and Brandon Boyd’s raw vocals deliver some great lyrics and memorable choruses. It is hard to pick a favorite track since almost all of them are good. There are some great rock songs such as “No Fun,” “Nimble Bastard,”  and “Throw Out the Map.” However, there are some calmer songs like “Undefeated” and “Loneliest.”  

The distorted electric guitar at the beginning of “Glitterbomb” is a perfect example of Incubus’ sound. The 3:20 mark brings a rush of energy to the listener and the 4:08 mark has some cool sounding effects added to the track.

“Nimble Bastard” was released as a single. Brandon Boyd stated that the song was written about those who can overcome the difficulties found in life. The upbeat rhythm of the song grabs the listeners attention.

Overall, this is another great album from Incubus and adds more rock songs to their already great legacy. Check it out!

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    1. It is always a treat when bands can keep to their sound that made them enjoyable to begin with. Incubus has always been a favorite of mine too!


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