Album of the Week – As You Were

Artist: Liam Gallagher

Released: 2017

English singer and song writer, Liam Gallagher, has been entertaining listeners for decades. After having success with two previous bands, Oasis and Beady Eye, Liam released his first solo album. The album is phenomenal and is a good indication that this Britpop icon still knows how to make some excellent music.

“Wall of Glass” is my favorite song on the album. The harmonica at the beginning has a nice sound to it as does the guitar and drums. Liam’s nasally voice is refreshing to hear, not just for Oasis fans, but for any listener. His sound is unique and engaging.

“Paper Crown” just needs to be heard. The simple acoustic guitar goes along well with Liam’s vocals.

“Chinatown” is one of those songs that takes you on a journey through your mind. The calm rhythm of the song is peaceful and the lyrics are thought provoking.  

There are other great songs to be found on this album. There’s more rock songs like “Come Back To Me” and more chill songs such as “Bold.” The majority of the music on this album is enjoyable.

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