Album of the Week: Modern Life Is Rubbish

Artist: Blur

Released: 1993

Beginning in London, England, known originally as Seymour, Blur has given the world plenty of great songs with their second album being no different. Damon Albarn (ever heard of Gorillaz?), Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Dave Rowntree defind what Brit-pop was during the 1990s and have rightfully received world-wide recognition for their unique music.

The album is fun and simple which is what makes it so enjoyable. The majority of the songs are a story being told. You have interesting lyrics in “Sunday Sunday” and “Colin Zeal,” but you have upbeat tones in “For Tomorrow” and “Chemical World.” One of my favorites is “Blue Jeans” for its deeper meaning and calmer yet emotional harmonies.

The album is worth checking out as are their other records with their most recent being released in 2015. The band is clearly underrated in the U.S. without getting much attention until 1997 with “Song 2” off their self-titled album. Each of the members have respectful careers with other musical projects that are also worth hearing.





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