Album of the Week: The Sky is Too High

Artist: Graham Coxon

Released: 1998

Where does one start with Graham Coxon? The guitar legend has more than one album that he has stamped with his incredible skills. His work with the cheeky alternative rock/Britpop band, Blur, is something that has made a name for Graham. For a more personal experience, his solo albums have plenty to offer.

This isn’t my first time writing about Coxon – and won’t be my last – but for today, I want to focus on his first solo album. The folk/indie/garage rock genre of music found on this album must be heard by anyone who claims to understand the depth of English rock history. Graham’s arrangements on each track are very unique, with no song sounding exactly the same. This offers the listener plenty to enjoy and will cause them to seek out more of his work.

The guitarist/drummer/vocalist/songwriter/anything else I am leaving out rightfully leaves his mark in the deep world of music; and this solo album is a great place to start for any new listener. This album is just one of the reasons why Graham was voted as the 15th greatest guitarist of the last 30 years in 2010, according to a BBC poll. Also, the album sleeve is Coxon’s own artistic creation. 

Below are some tracks from the album. Be sure to check out the rest.


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