Rock In Review (Jan. – Jun. 2019)

As we approach the seventh month of the year, there is a plethora of new golden nuggets to be claimed for your playlist. Plenty of good music is ushering in the end of this decade. This is just a brief summary of what is new in the world of rock. Go check these songs out wherever you get your music (streaming, record store, phonograph company, so forth). I personally appreciate these songs and albums, but what new music are you enjoying?


Song: Sugar on the Bone

Artist: Rival Sons

Album: Feral Roots

Thoughts: One of the many great songs on an exceptional album. It has a folk sound to it, but definitely plenty of rock too.


Song: Alligator

Artist: Reignwolf

Album: Hear Me Out

Thoughts: It’s the guitar, bass, and drums at the beginning of this song, and how they add to it, that keeps me listening. The way they play their instruments sounds so simple, but it is an art to master like Reignwolf does so well. Also, it is fun to type/say Reignwolf. Reignwolf.


Single: Maria

Artist: grandson

Thoughts: The strumming of the guitar at the beginning is incredible. The bass and lead guitar that cuts right in is just as wonderful.  Overall, it’s a good sounding song.


Single: New Comedown

Artist: Plague Vendor

Thoughts: The drums at the beginning will pump up any listener. The rest of the song is just as exciting.


Single: Uh Huh

Artist: Jade Bird

Thoughts: Jade’s vocals are right on tune as she doesn’t hold back any punches.


Single: On To The Next

Artist: Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown

Thoughts: This is a very catchy song. It has lyrics that can rough you up and when the chorus plays you can’t help but turn it up louder each time.


Single: Hold Me Down

Artist: Morale

Thoughts: This awesome band reached out to me on Twitter and I am so glad they did. I have been constantly blasting this song from my car stereo ever since I discovered it.


Single: I Don’t Every Wanna Love

Artist: Black Honey

Thoughts: This could be considered the more “softer” song on this list, but the message of the song is anything but mushy.


Song: Back Foot

Artist: Dinosaur Pile-Up

Album: Celebrity Mansions

Thoughts: It’s bands like Dinosaur Pile-Up that remind us that rock is not dead. Back Foot, just like their other hit from this year, Thrash Metal Cassette, needs to be heard to understand just how fun and satisfying rock can still be.


Song: Good Place To Start

Artist: Collective Soul

Album: BLOOD

Thoughts: Ed Roland and the gang are still relevant and stay true to their enduring sound (2019 marks their 25th anniversary) without sounding overdone. This new release is also their tenth studio album.


Song: It’s My Fault

Artist: Hands Off Gretel

Album: I Want The World

Thoughts: A pleasant rock experience.


Song: Help Me Stranger

Artist: The Raconteurs

Album: Help Us Stranger

Thoughts: The fast playing instruments and harmonies go really well together in this straightforward track.


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