Pastel Colors, by Women of the Night, Is A Vivid Experience

Women of the Night is a New York City based indie, rock, experimental, glam punk, proto punk- as well as many other styles- band that have left their mark in the ever-expanding realm of music. The majority of their songs are simply telling a story, but in a superb singular way. Having released “Quiet Nights,” “Leather Glove,” “Moscow Mansions,” and “Be Careful What You Wish For” as singles, the group has now combined these songs with newer material and unleashed their unique sound as an EP (Pastel Colors I) and an album (Pastel Colors II). Ultimately, the EP and album combined to become the album Pastel Colors in the spring of 2019. This release has given the listener a genuine taste of what this band is about while making for a newfangled experience.

Once immersed in the waves of each track there arises more than one reason to listen further. Coming back and just listening to the coarse instruments and/or gripping lyrics makes for much replay value of this album. The songs usually have one theme- the degenerate ways of society.

There is no set way to make a catchy song, and Women of the Night show this not only by one or two songs, but by abandoning a set pattern with all of their tracks. Listening to just a sample of their music (see link below) can be a remedy to any dull moments in your music life. Despite how crude the songs might be at times, the future is looking very bright for Women of the Night.

It is difficult to pick my personal favorite track, since each one is entertaining. If I had to choose, it would be broken down into the following two categories:

Rock’n Good Time: “Be Careful What You Wish For,” “White Lightning,” “Moscow Mansions,” “I Am Well and Missing You,” and last but not least, “Leather Glove.”

Surreal Songs: “I Couldn’t Fool Them,” “Quiet Nights,” “Regular Day,” “Used Car Salesman,” “Bad Tee Vee,” and “Like People Whistling.”

Click here to visit Women of the Night’s official Bandcamp site where you can give them a listen, learn more about them, and purchase official music and merchandise. You can also follow them on any of the major social media platforms.


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