Album of the Week: Happysad

Artist: Meg & Dia

Released: 2019

The Frampton sisters made a come back and while doing so managed to top their already successful reputations as being well written singers/song writers, and performers. Their new album is something to hear as it entertains, but also expresses thought inducing lyrics as the back bone to the enjoyable harmonies, instruments, and unwinding tones. This is the album that you didn’t know you were missing out on if you haven’t listened yet.

Originally starting out as a band in 2004 from Draper, Utah, the sisters joined forces with like minded individuals and produce some truly great hits such as “Monster,” “Indiana,” “Roses,” “Dear Heart,” “Black Wedding,” and one of my personal favorites “I Need You In It.” Meg and Dia first started out creating music when Dia received a guitar and Meg a karaoke machine as Christmas gifts. Having the music on the radio, as well as their fathers music collection, being a retired DJ, the girls learned how to play along with all kinds of songs. Eventually, Dia would play live at county fairs and retirement homes and Meg started to hit the right chord as she played from the heart after having her first heartbreak. The duo would become an electric force when joining together to create their own incredible sound which would eventually lead them to signing with major labels such as Doghouse, Warner Bros. Records, and Pure Noise Records. On a side note, being from Utah, Meg and Dia recorded “The Mighty R-E-A-L” which served as the theme song for Major League Soccer team Real Salt Lake.

After eight years of pursuing their own professions, while the band was disbanded, the two have once again come together to give the music world an enthralling new album that is being heralded as their greatest work yet. The seasoned success of Meg and Dia is very alike to a familiar English singer-song writer who had achieved much success with his work on many known albums, such as SGT. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, only to produce equally comparable music later on with Imagine. Meg and Dia have now accomplished the same level of success with Happysad. 

The reunited band toured across the U.S. promoting their new album. In all honesty Happysad could be the main source for a show as every single track has something to offer and is as unique as the song next to it. Personally, I recommend the entire album, but if I have to choose which songs to recommend it would have to be the following: “Boys Can Cry,” “Koala,” and “American Spirit.”

“American Spirit” has plenty of spirit in it with its interesting/entertaining lyrics:

The devil hides in Coca-Cola
But if I’m high, will I be more qualified?
‘Cause in my Elvis Presley record I found the light
And my books say I’m a badass for just $12.99

Here’s looking to more future albums where Meg and Dia can continue to stay true to who they are and the quality of music they seek to make.


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