Blogging next to his cactus, in the land between the Great Basin and the Rocky Mountains, Jer has become dedicated to providing his readers with what he considers to be noteworthy fresh music. Primarily focusing on all types of rock, other genres such as progressive blue grass, folk, pop, classical, and Indigenous Music of North America can also be found here.

Starting out by writing and sharing on his personal social media page, Jer has now branched out and created a place where he can discuss what he is enjoying without the risk of “spamming up” his friends’ newsfeeds. The results have been incredible as Jer has had wonderful experiences with artists and readers that he never thought would have been possible.

When he’s not busy being a father, husband, full-time employee, or practicing guitar, Jer is rocking out to some type of meaningful music while pondering a way to write about it, hoping to give artists their own spotlight on his blog.

With the help of his trusty editor-in-chief, Rissy, Jer will continue to bring his readers what he considers to be a breath of fresh beats. If you are looking to share music and/or your thoughts with Jer, please feel free to contact him. He’d be happy to hear from you and would very much love to hear your music recommendations, whether you’re an artist or fellow music lover. Thanks for stopping by!

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