Doom Boy

Let me be your doom boy We could hold hands Listen to Slayer In the back of my Dodge Caravan Those are the catchy lyrics The Dirty Nil perform on their newest single. Keeping with their hard rock riffs and punk energy, the band continues to rock in a pleasing way that can also be... Continue Reading →

My Song

Artist: Jerry Cantrell Making a name for himself as the main songwriter, co-lead vocalist, and current lead singer for grunge band Alice In Chains, Jerry Cantrell has given plenty of reasons to keep listening. His solo career is equally interesting and successful. He has collaborated with Heart, Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, Metallica, STP, Deftones, and... Continue Reading →

The Shape of Punk to Come

Artist: Refused Going back to 1998 with this gem in the Rock ‘N Rule files. This song has plenty of satisfying guitar with the right amount of screaming you’d expect with a title like that. The Swedish hardcore punk rock band broke up right after this was released. Fortunately, it has been revived by current... Continue Reading →

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