This is Remy Zero

The 1990s produced some of the greatest music ever heard. The list of great bands and artists goes on and on. While those musicians are deserving of their fame, other not-so-well-known bands are deserving of the same recognition. Alternative rock band, Remy Zero, is one of those bands that didn’t receive mainstream attention, but contributed... Continue Reading →

This is Johnny Cash

The music industry wouldn't be the same if not for the man named Sue. Actually, he went by Johnny Cash and wore many hats. He released multiple albums and songs throughout his nearly 50 year career as a singer-songwriter and guitarist. His debut album, With His Hot and Blue Guitar, was released in 1957, while... Continue Reading →

This is Bill Withers

The music of the singer, songwriter, and record producer, Bill Withers, continues to entertain listeners to this day. Bill’s easy listening sounds of soul, R&B, blues, funk, and smooth soul have become some of the greatest songs to the already stacked with talent genres. The grammy award winning artist released many wonderful albums during the... Continue Reading →

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