Nature Nurture

Yes, the music on this album is as good as the album artwork! English alternative rock band from Leeds, West Yorkshire, Dinosaur Pile-Up, bursts right into the rock scene with their second studio album. Each song on Nature Nurture (2013) compliments the other which ultimately creates a work of art much like witnessing one dinosaur... Continue Reading →

Album of the Week: Happysad

Artist: Meg & Dia Released: 2019 The Frampton sisters made a come back and while doing so managed to top their already successful reputations as being well written singers/song writers, and performers. Their new album is something to hear as it entertains, but also expresses thought inducing lyrics as the back bone to the enjoyable... Continue Reading →

“Got No Time” by Plaid On Flannel

Do yourself a favor and listen to some Plaid On Flannel! Rocking out of Toronto, Canada, singer/songwriter Nolan Randall offers plenty of enthralling blues-based rock songs with his incredible guitar skills and unique vocals. The great lyrics add to an enjoyable listening experience. His music can be found here. You can also follow Plaid On... Continue Reading →

Album of the Week: Live at Woodstock

Artist: Jimi Hendrix Released: 1999 Originally Recorded: Woodstock Festival, Bethel, New York, August 18, 1969 This album contains the legendary guitar player in all of his glory. Hendrix plays to his heart's content (see: "Woodstock Improvisation") delivering an unforgettable performance that still shines to this day. Found on the album are not just incredible performances,... Continue Reading →

Foo Fighters: 00950025

There go my rock heroes, once again releasing a new EP titled 00950025. The versions of the songs on the EP are new to the listener, but are actually songs that have been around for at least two decades. Good grief, it's times like these that make you realize how old you are, but you... Continue Reading →

Album of the Week: Royal Blood

Artist: Royal Blood Released: 2014 This award winning English rock duo consists of Mike Kerr (guitar and vocals) and Ben Thatcher (drums). Their self-titled album is bloody good and must be heard. It is edgy and manages to keep you listening to each track. This album establishes their solid rock foundation and opens up the... Continue Reading →

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