Album of the Week: The Sky is Too High

Artist: Graham Coxon Released: 1998 Where does one start with Graham Coxon? The guitar legend has more than one album that he has stamped with his incredible skills. His work with the cheeky alternative rock/Britpop band, Blur, is something that has made a name for Graham. For a more personal experience, his solo albums have... Continue Reading →


Album of the Week: Black Holes

Artist: The Blue Stones Released: 2018 Ontario blues rock band, The Blue Stones, released a top-notch album that has plenty of playback. Tarek Jafar is excellent on guitar and vocals while Justin Tessier is just as note worthy as percussion and backing vocals. The entire album should be heard as these guys bring home a... Continue Reading →

Album of the Week: Black Honey

Artist: Black Honey Released: 2018 The indie/alternative/psychedelic rock band from Brighton, England make the listener loosen up with the de-stressing sound found on their self-titled album. Lead vocals and guitarist, Izzy Phillips, captures your attention with the pleasing harmonies she lets out on each track. After releasing singles throughout the years, this album is a... Continue Reading →

This is Remy Zero

The 1990s produced some of the greatest music ever heard. The list of great bands and artists goes on and on. While those musicians are deserving of their fame, other not-so-well-known bands are deserving of the same recognition. Alternative rock band, Remy Zero, is one of those bands that didn’t receive mainstream attention, but contributed... Continue Reading →

Album of the Week: Candlebox

Artist: Candlebox Released: 1993 The multi-platinum and gold certified band from Seattle, Washington started off great with their self-titled debut album. Where I come from, this band was and still is underrated. They are just as good as any other grunge/rock band to come out of the early 1990s. This entire album is something to... Continue Reading →

Album of the Week: Modern Life Is Rubbish

Artist: Blur Released: 1993 Beginning in London, England, known originally as Seymour, Blur has given the world plenty of great songs with their second album being no different. Damon Albarn (ever heard of Gorillaz?), Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Dave Rowntree defind what Brit-pop was during the 1990s and have rightfully received world-wide recognition for their... Continue Reading →


Weezer’s cover of Toto’s “Africa” is the song we need, but the song we don’t deserve. In a world where rock is loudly getting pushed to the side by Hip Hop and television pop stars (no offense) Weezer throws it back to a classic song that we didn’t realize we needed to hear. I know... Continue Reading →

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